Finishing Trades Institute of New York Safety Classes Offered

Locations: HQ @LIC: 45-15 36th Street, LIC, NY 11101 (718) 937-7440
@Albany: 191 Broadway, Menands, NY 12204 (518) 355-4840
@Wappingers: 21 Airport Drive, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 (845) 473-0564


OSHA 10 is a 10 safety hour class good for about 4 years (CBA), 5 Years (NYS Law), at which time you need to take the class again. Public Works Projects and all GC’s require OSHA 10 as a condition for employment.


30 hour safety class, expands on the OSHA 10. More Owners, GC’s are requiring this course especially for Foremen, and Supervisors. {Limited time only Online classes available funded by FTI}

Hazardous Communication Class

New regulation all members must have by December 1, 2015, approx. 4 hour class, can be given alone or after any half day class. One time class no refreshers or retakes. All OSHA 10 and 30 since 8/2015 incorporate this new training upon completion of OSHA 10 or 30.

Lead Awareness

Lead awareness is required for any worker who may be exposed to lead in NY, One Year expiration. It can be given with OSHA or as a separate class.

EPA Lead Abatement

Needed for any worker specifically abating higher amounts of lead in housing or buildings. This is a 16 hour (2 day) class good for 3 years.


Lead law Renovate, Repair, & Protect, 8Hr. For workers that may be exposed or disturb lead in structures where children present, falls under certain criteria.

PCB Awareness

UPCOMING Course on PCBs worker recognition and safety.


Infection Control Risk Assessment 8 hour awareness class for workers mostly in Hospitals, medical environments.


4 hour course on Maintenance and Protection of Traffic, flagging.

SSPC C3 and C5

Deleading Industrial Structures Supervisor 32Hr Initial, and/ or Refresher (C5) 8Hr.

New Jersey Lead Abatement Worker Initial

This is a 32 hour class for any lead job in New Jersey or bridges that are between New York and New Jersey. Good for 2 years.

New Jersey Lead Abatement Worker Refresher

This is an 8 hour class to refresh the NJ lead license it is good for 2 years. Class must be taken either 90 days before or 90 days after expiration of license. If license expires over 90 days must then complete initial 32 hour course.

Hazardous Waste Worker 40 Hr class

5 day class for Hazwoper training for handling and cleanup of hazardous materials.

Hazardous Waste Worker 8 Hr Refresher

Refresher for Hazwoper 40 hour class.

Respiratory Protection

Fit testing/online Medical evaluation and respirator training.

Local Law 52 Supported Scaffold User

For supported scaffolds, class is 4 hours long and good for 4 years. ONLY for worker to use scaffold, either as access or work off it but NOT to erect, dismantle, or modify in any way. This class is NYC DOB regulated but has been adopted by Port Authority and TBTA so is in effect on Bridges and most structures in NYC. Long Island also adopting or in use..

Local Law 52 Supported Scaffold Erector/Dismantler

For supported scaffolds. Class is 32 hours (4 days) long and is good for 4 years. Worker can erect, dismantle, modify, and work off of any supported scaffold. This class is NYC DOB regulated but has been adopted by Port Authority and TBTA so is in effect on Bridges and most structures in NYC. Long Island also adopting or in use..

Local Law 52 Supported Scaffold Refresher (Erector/Dismantler)

For supported scaffolds. Class is 8 hours long, good for 4 years, and refreshes the 32 hour Erector/Dismantler class. If you take the 32 hour class once, then every 4 years you would take the 8 hour refresher.

NYC DOB Suspended Scaffold

The new requirements for this class are: 20 hour class (2 days 8 hours plus a test), certificate is good for 4 years, which will then need an 8 hour refresher every 4 years after that.
NYC DOB Suspended Scaffold Refresher for 16 Hour Class – 8Hr Refresher Course.

NYC DOB Suspended Scaffold Designated Foreman class

32 hour training, prerequisite is the 16 Hour Suspended Scaffold course, to become a designated foreman for suspended scaffolds in NYC. Class is good for 4 years and then need 8Hr refresher.
NYC DOB Suspended Scaffold Refresher for Designated Foreman – 8Hr Refresher.

Confined Space Awareness

8 hour confined space awareness class for general safety in confined spaces usually required by Con Ed.

Confined Space Worker

16 hour confined space worker class, with hands on in confined space mock up.

First Aid / CPR

First Aid and CPR good for 2 years.

Glass Manipulator Remote and Manual Training

Class for the proper and safe operation of glass manipulator and machine both manual and remote.

Glaziers/Greenwatch Certification

UPCOMING(FTI) certification for glaziers with different components (Curtain wall, etc) Testing with written and practical.

Rigging & Hoisting Supervisor class

4 day (32 Hour) class provides training on all safety associated rigging and hoisting loads for Supervisors. Class includes training on forklift awareness and safety of operation.

Rigging and Hoisting Worker class

2 day (16 Hour) class provides training on all safety associated rigging and hoisting loads for Workers. Class includes training on forklift awareness and safety of operation.

Fall Protection Competent Person

24 Hour class on Fall Protection to be a Competent Person. Can also take the Fall Protection Awareness stand-alone class 4 hours.

Aerial Lift Course

8 Hour Class for the safe operation and safety awareness for operating aerial lifts/scissor lifts. Expires in 3 years.

Boom Truck & Articulating Boom Truck Training

8Hr class on Boom truck training.

Forklift Training

8Hr class on forklift.


Welding classes that test at the end for AWS certification.


Ames certification for workers, presentation and hands on test. Machine tools.

SSPC Coating Application Specialist (Industrial Applicator Training)

Class is split into 3 modules. First 2 modules are 32 hours each and the third module is 16 hours long. At the end of each module we will print a certificate of completion, upon successful completion of all 3 modules and passing an Interim test the IUPAT and SSPC issue a certificate as an Interim Coatings Application Specialist.
SSPC CAS Test includes 3 parts- Written, Blasting Hands-on, Spray Hands-on, with a walk through on inspection equipment.

SSPC ADD-ON C7 and C12

if necessary can also take an extra written for each of these to get a separate certificate upon passing all parts of the CAS.


NACE Operator Qualification Program offered online for Pipeline professionals to meet safety requirements under USDOT CFR 142 parts 192 and 195.

MTA-NYCT CPM Safety Course

4 HR course for MTA track safety awareness and new information as well as Catenary scaffold awareness. Refresh every 2 years.

MTA Track Safety

8 Hr class we sign up members and class is ONLY given to 20 students at the MTA Brooklyn Training Facility. FTINY must pay for the class so attendance confirmation is mandatory. Must renew every 2 years.

Platform Rigging and Safety Awareness

Course on proper safety for installation and working on various elevated work platforms.

Tower Safety Training Awareness

8 hour course on safety awareness and hazards associated with working on electrical towers.

Faux Finish / Venetian Plaster class

Training on Decorating, faux finishes and Venetian plaster.


UPCOMING Supervisory Training Program for refreshing or training on all various requirements/paperwork/procedures/best practices for foremen or supervisory personnel.

Blueprint Reading

class for basic understanding of and reading Blueprints.

Journeyman Upgrading Classes

Spray Painting, Oxidizing, Welding, Decorating, Floor Painting, Abrasive Blasting, UHP Washing, and Fabric Trak.

FREE ESL Classes

free ESL provided at our LIC training Center Monday – Thursday with a dedicated certified Teacher. Open to all workers, families, and community.