Established in 1974, The New York Structural Steel Painters Contractors Association acts as the liaison between all signatory members of local union 806 and the union.

We paint all types of steel structures.  Subway lines, bridges, overpasses, electrical towers, exposed steel of buildings, powerhouses, smokestacks.  The association negotiates and eventually reaches agreement on the CBA which sets the rules for the industry; the standard as to how all employees should be treated and most importantly the rate of pay.  Although it has never occurred, if the association and union cannot agree on a new CBA we are the ones who can opt to cease all work and any member of association is bound to cease work.

The NYSSPCA also contributes to the training fund for 806 workers.  Most notably paying for all blood testing of the workers which is required to monitor the Blood lead levels and the levels of any heavy metals found in their blood stream.

Overall the association helps keep the men safe while working and as well trained as possible.  Thus helping the union have the most trained and skilled structural steel painters in the world.

NYSSPCA Mission Statement

The purpose of the New York Structural Steel Painting Contractors Association is to act as a trade association for companies involved in the structural steel painting industry and to promote the industry in positive way’s by gathering and disseminating information beneficial to the individuals , companies and governmental entities involved with the industry.